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Audio Recording Recording, Mixing, Pro Tools Editing, Mastering, Demo's, Albums, Location Recording (live)

Live Sound  Clubs, Festivals, Corporate, Theater, Events

Video Production   Multiple Camera, Final Cut Editing, DVD Authoring, Band EPK's, Corporate, Events

Photography  Band EPK's, Portrait, Corporate, Events

Music Production Producers, Demo's, Music for Film and Video, Jingles, Websites, Corporate

Music Promotion Internet Promotion, Website Promotion, 
Independent Radio Promotion

Training Workshops and Classes Pro Tools, Audio Production, Music Production, Music Business, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Drum Lessions


About Us

BryteSpot Recording Studios is a comfortable professionally equipped studio located near Minnehaha Falls in South Minneapolis. The name comes from the fact that the studio is located in a building that once was a speakeasy called Bright Spot during prohibition times.

Owner/producer Robert Hilstrom has engineered and produced hundreds of local and national recordings for rock, r&b, country, jazz, blues, hip-hop, folk, punk, gospel, rap, and alternative artisits. Robert plays several instruments including keyboards, guitar, drums, bass, and programming.

Producer Greg Cauthen has received many awards for his work with Aaron Hall (Platinum Record), The Mighty Clouds of Power Joy (nominated for best Gospel song Grammy), Jesse James, David Black, and Troop. Greg is a muliti-instrumentalist and vocalist. Greg excels at getting the best performance from the artist.

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RECORDING STUDIO Gear and instruments

Mixers: Toft ATB-A 24 Channel, Allen&Heath Mod II (1970's), Allen&Heath Mix Widard 3

Recorders: Pro Tools 003R, Digidesign Producer Pack, Sound Forge, 3M 2" 16-track, Studor b67 1/4" 2-track, MOTU 8-Pre, Alesis ADAT 20-bit, Panasonic SV-3700 DAT, MOTU MIDI Timepiece

Software: Pro Tools LE with Producer Pack Extension, BFD, Waves, Autotune, Isotope, Amplitude, Reason, etc...

Microphones: AKG, Audix, BLUE, Groove Tubes, Micro Geffel, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Crown

Monitors UREI 839, Yamaha NS-10, Alesis Monitor One 

Outboard Processors: Universal Audio, Trident, Aphex, DBX, Digitech, ART, Peavey, Leslie, Electro-Hamonix, Fulltone, MXR

Keyboards/Synthesizers/Samplers: Steinway Upright-Grand (vintage), Hammond CV/Leslie, Wurlitzeer 140b , Arp Explorer, Hammond XK3, Korg MS2000B, Korg Triton LE, Korg M1R, Freeman String Symphonizer, Roland RD700, Roland Super-JV, Roland Juno 1, EMU Proteus 1000, Farfisa Organ, EMU ESI-4000 Sampler, MOTU MIDI Express AV

Guitars/Amps: Marshall JMP 50 watt (1970's), Fender Deville (4x10), Orange Tiny Terror with 1x12, Harmony, Fender Band Master, Fender Champ, Gibson Dobro, Taylor, Washburn (jumbo 12-string), Fender Stratocaster, Ephiphone Sheritan II, Deering Banjo (5-string), PRS, Gibson Les Paul

Drums/Percussion: Pearl Birch Series 5-piece, Zildjain Cymbals, Purecussion Maple Snare, Yamaha Steel Snare, Ludwig Steel Snare (1970's), assorted percussion



Parkway Theater, Paul Bararre & Fred Tackett, Mark Joseph, Herman Green, Willie Waldman, Dan Kusz, Eric Gales, Gary Busey, Indigenous, Lamont Cranston Band, Cinematic Titantic, The Big Wu, God Johnson, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Cyprus Music Academy, Northern Lights Festival, Zito Ministries, Refridgerager, Paul Metsa,  Bitter Roots, Bob Bingham, Tracy Silverman, Craig Anderton, Ale Carrera, Mercurial Rage, Lead The Following, Anthony Shore, The Serfs, The Big Twang, Fairmont Opera House, Fellow Babies, Dan Eike, Wally Schoop, Linda Cohen, Michael Kac, Lost Marbles, Big Daddy Cain, Joshua Aerie, Jacobins, Tim Grady, Michelle Aldrich, Dennis Landeen, Wu-Li Masters, Dale Frane, Michelle Aldrich, Jonards, Alverse, RhythmTool, Larry Fountain, Kung-Fu Hippies, Bellatrex, Justin Hayes, Square One, Jetset, Milltown Band, MN Country All-stars, etc...


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Robert Hilstrom

BryteSpot Productions
Minneapolis, MN

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.  -Plato